The Seeing Eye Gods

Brett Gurewitz of punk band Bad Religion and his alleged drug dealer (no, I’m not gonna name him) put out an album of psychedelic music in 1985 under the name The Seeing Eye Gods. I heard two of the songs (“Psychedelic Suzy” and “Strawberry Girl”) on a college radio station and immediately loved them.

There are only five songs on the album – the same five on both sides. The album itself is a picture disc with a red and green paisley design on it, and came in a plastic pouch. The only other thing in the pouch was the “jacket,” which was a lightweight piece of cardboard, printed – in almost-unreadable magenta and cyan – on one side only with the liner notes and graphics. You can see it in the video (link below), along with various views of the picture disc.

I spent fifteen years trying to track down a copy of this album! I finally found one online – some guy in Iowa or somewhere had it in his indie record shop. Also online, I discovered why it was so hard to find: apparently only a thousand copies of it were made. I’m happy I was able to find one.

Click below to hear “Psychedelic Suzy” and see another one of my crappy videos.