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Artist Joe Bucciano and writer Christopher Conlon met online in the spring of 2016. Immediately entranced by one another's works, they began creating new pieces inspired by each other—Joe responding to Chris's words in paint, Chris riffing on Joe's paintings in words. And so the Bucciano/Conlon Project was born....

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Season 1

The Three Dead Women of Mercer House

November Roses

Fantastical Night

Beyond the Gate

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Joe Bucciano and Christopher Conlon: A Conversation


Charlie's Golden Halo

The Despised

Season 2

The Black Window

The Slow Coming of the Dark

Another Door

The Adjustment

Clean Washed Stars After Rain

Wonderful World

At the Lake


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Rainbow World: Another Conversation Between Joe Bucciano and Christopher Conlon

Season 3

Somewhere It Had Gone Wrong, Everything Had Gone Wrong

Double Portrait

The Artist


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