Beyond the Gate


Christopher Conlon

after Joe Bucciano's "The Gate"

Copyright ©2016 by Christopher Conlon

Beyond the Gate
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Not you again! No. Get out! Get out of here!

I've told you again and again that you mustn't come to this place. Not ever. It's unsafe. It's dangerous! Why do you insist? Why?

You know that this place isn't for you. I've already explained that you can't come in. I've explained what's behind this gate. Why won't you understand?

You only think you want to see what's here. But you're too weak. Too fragile. You wouldn't be able to withstand it, believe me. I know.

All right, I'll tell you again.

Behind this gate is every monster, every demon of your life. I keep them here for you, where they stay quiet and dormant and don't harm you or anyone else. I know you think that you should face these things, confront them, but you're wrong. They would tear you to pieces. Trust me! Leave them here, behind this gate. Every dangerous memory, every old sorrow, every unexplored fear. All of them are behind this gate and that's where they'll stay if only you'll stop coming here, stop beating your fists on the gate, stop trying to get in. You'll never get in, you know. I'll never let your past this gate. Never.

Don't look at me like that. It's for your own good. Surely you know that. You must know that. I'll take care of everything. I always have, I always will.

Back away. Yes, that's right. Go far from this terrible place. Remember, nothing behind this gate can hurt you-as long as it stays behind the gate. And I'll see to it that everything remains here, in the dark, unexamined, uninvestigated, unfaced, for all time. I'll protect you from them all. All your monsters. All your demons. I'll keep them right here, behind this gate. Just me. And all of them. Every one. In the dark. Forever.

After all, isn't that what mothers are for?

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